Yahoo! Acquires FutureWorks’ Client Xoopit

07.30.2009 – Sunnyvale, Calif. – July 30, 2009 – FutureWorks PR, the social media strategy and PR company, announced that its client, Xoopit, has been acquired by Yahoo! for $20 million. The FutureWorks team first launched Xoopit beta in March 2008, followed by Photos by Xoopit and Yahoo! Photos by Xoopit in December 2008.

Xoopit has emerged as a leader in mail applications, indexing, and content discovery – and is known for bringing the Social Web to the inbox. It finds the pictures, videos, and files buried in webmail’s gigabytes of free storage, and allows users to share, comment, and post them to their contacts on other social networks and blogs.

Yahoo! will be integrating both Xoopit’s photo sharing applications and content indexing and discovery technology into Yahoo! Mail and other services over the coming months.

“Congratulations to the Xoopit team,” said Brian Solis, principal of FutureWorks. “The inbox has essentially been the largest untapped social network in the world. Xoopit socializes email, placing less emphasis on the social graph, and more emphasis on helping people manage their relationships and the content that is important to them.”

“Considering Yahoo! Mail is one of the largest repositories of photos on the Web, it will be exciting to watch the synergy between these two companies,” Solis continued.

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