Everything is changing, but not everyone recognizes direction. While many have declared “PR is dead” and self-proclaimed social media experts are ubiquitous, in truth, the landscape is far more complex than merely reaching out to bloggers or creating profiles on Twitter or Facebook. In the end, we are in the business of presence, influence, and perception management. PR is not about press releases, canned pitches, and email blasts. And social media is far bigger than any one social network, blogs and “viral” videos.

At FutureWorks, we’ve shifted PR from a business of publicity to a regiment of true “Public” Relations. We’ve done so for over 11 years. We now impact the communications channels of the entire organization, not just media and analyst relations. We now focus on understanding the markets, the needs of people, and how to reach them on a peer-to-peer level. This is about becoming the people we want to reach and engaging where, when, and how they seek guidance and information. Strategic new media programs and campaigns combine traditional and social engagement and outreach to improve interaction between brands and the people who define their markets.

We become media. We become influential.

FutureWorks is not a PR agency. It is a hybrid studio that fuses results-driven public relations, digital influence, social architecture, and interactive content production and distribution.

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