Press, Analyst & Blogger Relations

FutureWorks maintains a daily dialogue with top writers to ensure that we’re always part of any story that covers the industry and topics that pertain to our clients.  We pursue feature stories, trends, and industry round-ups. We track all reporters and bloggers who cover the industry as well as your competition to keep you on their radar screens and in all relevant stories. We work together with our clients to help build solid relationships between influencers and our clients.

The FW Team has great relationships with many top-tier journalists and A-list bloggers from Mashable, TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and many others. We also work with industry trade journalists from eWeek, Informationweek, and InfoWorld to Adweek, MediaPost and many more.

For some of our clients, analyst relations is a critical component and important to their marketing and product development. Whether you’re a startup or an establish company, it’s important to have an analyst relations program to keep all industry analysts up to speed on your business, products/technology, and customers to ensure that your company is included in any and all analyst reports that are relevant to your sector.

FutureWorks works closely with clients to ensure they have relationships with all the right analysts in their space. We work diligently to keep industry analysts up to date on our clients’ news, and we connect analysts to the right customers when needed for consideration and possible inclusion in analyst reports, blog posts and other published materials, such as analyst briefs and highlights.

However, keep in mind that the role of influence is changing and diversifying and with it, the rules and responsibilities of engagement are also reshaping. While PR, analyst, and investor relations were clear yesterday, the rise of new influencers, tastemakers and authoritative users and customers becomes both pervasive and uncertain. As such, new opportunities for engagement emerge; creating new opportunities for cultivating distributed relationships. Each new connection requires management, a support infrastructure, including a dedicated host. Read more.

Here’s a sampling of coverage that the FutureWorks team has secured for clients: