Blog Strategy

Blogging is much more than updating posts. It’s about providing value, insight, and information to help customers and users make better decisions. A company blog should be a resource hub for people to understand the evolving climate of the conversational market and how to participate more effectively. It’s also a premier platform for thought leadership and defining your value proposition and differentiation.

Corporate blogs should engage readers by covering topics, industry news and events that matter within your industry. FutureWorks can guide content, creation, and also promote your posts among peers.

We lead by example. FutureWorks publishes two popular and highly regarded blogs, (formerly known as PR 2.0) and, which have earned street credibility and respect among journalists, bloggers and consumers. While others sat on the sidelines in the early days of blogging and social media, Brian Solis and the FutureWorks team embraced it and helped shape its evolution. We’ve been at the forefront of it ever since and have years of knowledge and experience with blogging, social media campaigns, link building, and content promotion.

We don’t just talk a good game. The lessons our team has learned through the ongoing process of blogging and community development can be put to use to help you craft the best content and community strategy for your own blog and community development.