Community Development and Community Manager

Socialized Media is a dominant lifeline for any industry, connecting people to information and building communities and relationships along the way. FutureWorks keeps the pulse of the social activity and online conversations that relate to our clients through listening, monitoring, tracking and reporting. We track keywords on Twitter, the blogosphere, and across the social landscape to capture what’s being said about our clients, their products, their competitors, and other items and events. In the process, we also garner a real world view of influence as well as empathy. It is empathy that allows us to truly humanize our story and approach. Whether we’re building communities within existing social networks or creating a custom network, FutureWorks has the experience, vision, and resources necessary to build, maintain, and grow a dedicated and loyal community through content generation, interaction, and other “secret sauce” elements.

FutureWorks will ensure an active and organized conversation program based on opportunities and material conversations. We’ll coordinate responses and also spark conversations and respond to important individuals as opportunities arise. Essentially, FutureWorks can assume the role of the day-to-day community manager/conversation team or work in conjunction with your community manager and team.