Community Relations

Communities aren’t the result of merely creating a fan page or profile on any given network. Nor are individuals looking for companies to become their online pals. They’re looking for value and direction. FutureWorks can help you with both your Online Community Relations & Engagement and Offline Community Relations & Engagement.

  • Online Community Relations & Engagement: Blogs, forums, groups, message boards, and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are all great vehicles to help clients share, interact and engage peers, employees, customers, potential customers and others. FutureWorks works together with clients to determine which vehicles are best for each initiative and maximizes each for the greatest engagement in developing, fostering and growing a community.
  • Offline Community Relations & Engagement: Engaging with one’s community online is critical and a must-do in today’s social economy, but it’s also important to remember the value of face-to-face connections, which is why the FutureWorks team regularly attends and hosts tweetups, meetups, blogger dinners and events. And let’s not forget Brian Solis’ Flashmob gatherings during conferences and trade shows, which are wildly popular and attract a great mix of people from everyday consumers to industry influencers. Each touch point and conversation our clients have with industry influencers, customers, and potential customers brings value because it helps develop deeper connections with key people, which ultimately can help their businesses grow.