Conversation Prism and Index (Share of Voice)

Social Media requires a purpose supported by direction and action. In order to instill and convey our mission, we need to answer a few questions such as why we need to engage, what value do we bring to the table, who are the people we’re trying to reach, and what are they seeking. The only way to answer those questions is to become digital anthropologists and conduct the necessary fieldwork online prior to jumping in. We believe in building brands through strategic engagement that promotes advocacy and empowerment. Utilizing the Conversation Prism created by Brian Solis, we can accurately assess social interaction, trends, influencers, and opportunities necessary to develop social media programs. In the process, we also establish a benchmark for measurement and ROI using the  Conversation Index . This process allows us to capture a moment in time in order to compare our future efforts to what was, thus building an evolving foundation for measurement that documents activity and growth.

The Conversation Prism by Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas