Magic Middle Blogger Relations

The “magic middle” is a term originally defined by David Sifry, founder of Technorati, and is also widely discussed by Brian Solis at conferences, in blog posts and in his book Putting the Public Back in Public Relations. Sifry defines the magic middle as blogs with 20-1,000 active inbound links. Solis believes that the magic middle represents an untapped genre of influence, providing the ideal complement to a-list blogger and media relations, appealing to those who reach customers directly as in many cases, they are the very customer we sought to inspire. In many ways, the magic middle represent the vertical and long tail markets that define your true business opportunity.

Magic middle blogger relations is different then regular blogger relations because they are an entirely different group of people and need to be approached in a very different and even more personal manner.

Most A-list bloggers are professional bloggers and journalists who are paid to write about breaking news, new products/services and trend stories. A-list bloggers are used to being contacted and pitched on a daily basis by PR people and startup CEOs; whereas magic middle bloggers are usually not professional bloggers, often have fulltime jobs that are unrelated to what they blog about, and they are not used to being bombarded on a daily basis with pitches, which is exactly why they need to be approached differently.

Regardless of their blog’s focus, magic middle bloggers are passionate people dedicated to writing about topics and issues relevant to them personally. These are the bloggers who tend to inspire real-world customers to explore and experiment with new products and services based on the word of their peers.

The FutureWorks team has extensive experience working with magic middle bloggers in a variety of areas and can help your company connect with these influencers who cumulatively reach a greater number along the long tail curve than the A-listers do in the short-term spike. At FutureWorks, we believe you need both, which is why we have relationships with both A-listers and magic middle bloggers and can help you connect to them and ultimately to new customers.