Social Media Measurement and Reporting (ROI)

Transparency is not just for engagement. FutureWorks maintains a policy of transparent reporting so that you have insight into everything we do. From outreach to strategy to individual conversations and the results, FutureWorks captures and reports all activity and details in real-time or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All of this is done using the best monitoring and tracking tools combined with manual monitoring, tracking and assessment, because we believe that in order to get an accurate view, a combination of all of these methods is required.

Social Media Measurement and Reporting (ROI)
For clients who select the option of utilizing the Conversation Prism created by Brian Solis, we can accurately assess social interaction, trends, influencers, and opportunities necessary to develop social media programs. In order to fully realize the value of any social media program and understand the ROI of each, it’s critical to have a conversation program the includes listening, monitoring, engaging and reporting.

By implementing a conversation program, we also establish a benchmark for measurement and ROI using the Conversation Index. This process allows us to capture a moment in time in order to compare our future efforts to what was, thus building an evolving foundation for measurement that documents activity and growth.