Social Media Optimization and SEO

Everything begins with search and as inbound marketing becomes more pervasive, it is our job to make sure your company and its value proposition is present where prospects and influencers are actively searching for information and content. Just as search engine optimization (SEO) helps Web sites get noticed by being ranked higher in search results, social media optimization (SMO) optimizes your content to make it findable within social, real-time, and network search. Content is optimized through various methods, such as tagging, descriptions, profiles, linking, etc., so it’s easily discovered and shared. FutureWorks helps clients not only create compelling content, but we also work to optimize it in order for it to be discovered, shared and spread virally.

Social networks are the second most popular search engines behind Google, which is why optimizing social content is a must. YouTube performs more keyword searches than many popular, yet traditional search engines. Unlike keyword density exercises in SEO, SMO involves artful and poignant descriptions that feature keywords and also employs the convention of intentional and crowd-sourced tagging.