Workflow Optimization, Social Media Training, Policies and Guidelines

Having access to social media tools and services necessitates a thoughtful approach. Without governance and orientation, orchestrated and unplanned activity can lead to brand dilution and social chaos. Discovering new influencers and building new channels to reach them requires innovation, resources, and a pipeline rich with meaningful content and social objects. Many businesses also require help in not only the creation and support of new media programs, but also in the establishment of new workflow organization, resource allocation, and supporting policies and procedures. FutureWorks has led organizational transformation efforts for many small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, establishing boundaries and assigning responsibilities through the definition of critical policies and guidelines. These processes are designed to protect corporate assets and intellectual property to more effectively support the new media effort within

For the businesses we work with, FutureWorks empowers key individuals through training and support to ensure that the team on both sides of the relationship are organized and primed.