Social Media Releases and Social Media Newsrooms

The press release is over 100 years old and for the most part, its evolution was mostly stagnant for the majority of its lifespan. However, the press release has evolved more in the last decade than it has over the century thanks to the proliferation of the Internet and most notably, the Social Web. The tired and oft disregarded press release is finally tasting reinvention as it transforms to chase the new channels of influence as well as adapt to the rapidly shifting behavior of content discovery, consumption and sharing.

We are witnessing the modernization of an aging communications tool and the distribution networks that connect them to the outside world of influencers and consumers. While the Web is serving as the catalyst for this regeneration, we can also look at innovating the template for traditional press releases as well, starting with the very documents and HTML pages on existing corporate newsrooms that serve as their primary source of PR and corporate presentation.

It’s about time we breathe new life into the press release template.

FutureWorks helps its clients determine the best social media release platform for their needs and budgets, and can handle all aspects of issuing one from creating and optimizing the content to distributing and promoting it. We help our clients gain maximum exposure for their SMRs in order to reach consumers directly and spark conversations. And of course, we also share SMRs with journalists and bloggers; and for embargoed announcements, we share the SMR prior to issuing it so the journalists and bloggers can write their stories and posts before the release hits the wire.

Traditional newsrooms are also losing favor among new media influencers and bloggers as they’re typically designed to serve a very different media process. Social Media Newsrooms are designed to complement traditional newsrooms, but instead offer content, assets, and directories to social media profiles, embed codes in a way that resembles and embodies the experience and tenets of the social Web. Whether you need guidance on establishing a framework for social media newsrooms or need a team to build one from scratch, FutureWorks has built SMNRs for many companies and has successfully collaborated with Web teams and IT departments in order to effectively create and launch extensions to the corporate Web site.

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