Web Video Production, Distribution, and Promotion

Online video is one of the most popular activities across the Social Web. It’s so popular that some are saying “Lunchtime is the New Primetime.” FutureWorks believes that using Web video is a great avenue to help clients tell their stories in a visual, high impact, and creative way. Located at our Sunnyvale office is a modest production studio that offers the ability to produce a full lineup of social video projects including:

  • Video News Releases (that can be embedded into Social Media Press Releases)
  • Screencasts
  • Livecasts
  • Original series
  • Multi-camera shoots
  • Corporate interviews
  • Events
  • Product demonstrations
  • And more…

For clients with in-house resources, we can work collaboratively with your team, or if needed, we can take care of all aspect from scripting the content and messaging to shooting, editing, distribution and promotion.

We ensure maximum visibility by hosting the video on a series of social networks, promoting it among influencers, and driving traffic to each location. FutureWorks is tapped into a vast distribution network and utilizes all the key distribution outlets such as YouTube, blip.tv, metacafe, veoh, viddler, vimeo and a host of others.

We have also helped clients with the live streaming of events using services such as BlogTV, UStream, livestream (formerly mogulus) and Veodia:

  • FutureWorks produced the video for the live streams of TechCrunch’s Mobile Web Wars Roundtable (July 2008), the Cloud Computing Roundtable ‘Who’s Cloud is it Anyway?’ (February 2009), the Real Time Stream Crunchup (July 2009), and the Real Time Crunchup SF (November 2009)
  • FutureWorks also produces the videos for Dave McClure’s monthly Startup2Startup dinners where FW shoots and edits video interviews for the Startup2Startup Web site and YouTube channel, and we also shoot the live stream of the presentation in partnership with UStream.
  • FutureWorks recently worked with IFC.com in partnering with UStream to live stream IFC.com’s Monty Python’s 40th Anniversary celebration, which was an historic event reuniting all five surviving members of the Monty Python team — John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Michael Palin. FW also helped promote the event and live streamcast. The event’s live stream of the Q&A reached more than 8,000 viewers watching live, with many more watching the recorded live streamcast in the days, weeks and months that followed the live event.