Best Paint for Plywood Floor

Best Paint For Plywood Shed Floor – Top 5 Reviews For 2022

Plywood is generally not the first choice for any household floor. But with the right treatment and sealing, it can work well and look as good as any hardwood floor.

This type of wood is made by combining thin sheets of wood and pressing them together to form a large, sturdy sheet.

The process makes plywood sturdy yet still porous, which is why you can’t use just about any paint for it.

You have to choose the best paint for plywood shed floor to protect it as well as accentuate its natural beauty.

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Best Paint for Plywood Floor
Paint for Plywood Floor | Rust-Oleum

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Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer Gray
Zinsser Bulls Eye Paint For Plywood Shed Floor

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Best Paint for Plywood Floor
KILZ Paint for Plywood Floor | Waterproof Floor Paint For Wood

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INSL-X Tough Shield Floor Coating Paint
INSL-X Paint For Plywood Shed Floor

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KILZ Over Armor Smooth Wood/Concrete Coating
KILZ Paint for Plywood Floor | Plywood Shed Floor Paint

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Top 5 Best Paint For Plywood Shed Floor Reviews

While it may be challenging to paint plywood floors because of its varied characteristics, you can still use specialized paint to give it a great look and protect it from everyday use.

1. Paint for Plywood Floor | Rust-Oleum

One of the best things you can do for wood floors or just about any type of wood you are using in the home is to apply a high-quality primer to it.

This helps seal the wood while at the same time prepare it for other applications.

And this is why this product is great for your plywood floor. It seals the wood, making it resist water and scratches.

And it also increases the adhesion of the second and final coating for an even finish.

One thing you always have to do is to make sure that the surface is prepared before applying the paint primer.

You can do this by lightly sanding the imperfections on the wood and making sure that the wood is smooth and ready to receive the paint.

The primer is water-based and odorless, which is a great feature, especially if you are painting around the home. Once it dries, you will not need to ventilate the residual odor anymore.

When this paint dries up, it will not chip or break and will provide you with long-lasting protection. So if you don’t have the budget yet for a final coating, this primer will do for your floors.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to apply
  • Covers a wide surface area
  • Provides an excellent base
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use

2. Primer, Water, 1 qt, Gray, Interior/Exterior

The merit of this paint is that you can use it immediately, even without prior prep work on the surface. It has a great formulation that allows it to stick to surfaces even with little to no sanding.

That makes it great for use indoors or outdoors on different surfaces like drywall, concrete, and even metal.

This is why it is also great for use on plywood floors. The water-based formula will allow the paint to stick to almost any type of surface smooth or otherwise.

You can also rely on this to be dry to the touch in as little as half an hour. It will be ready to be recoated in about an hour afterward.

Using this primer, you will give your floors a much-needed dirt resistance and protection.

It is designed to give much-needed protection to any surface. Another feature is that it also protects the surface from mold and mildew.

Having a neutral color, it will work as it is or as a great base that will enhance the color of your final coat. Using this primer for your floors will make it durable and easy to work with.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be used on any type of surface
  • Will stick even on unsanded wood
  • The water-based formula is odorless
  • Dries fast

3. KILZ Paint for Plywood Floor | Waterproof Floor Paint For Wood

This is a paint especially made for ports and patio floors.

As we know, these areas are always subject to wear and tear because of their location and how exposed they are to environmental factors. Not to mention, they also have high foot traffic.

The paint is specially formulated to provide extreme protection for floors like plywood and such. It is resistant to cracking, peeling, and even mildew.

If you’ve previously primed the surface, you can still use this on top of that without encountering any problems.

It is an acrylic paint that’s made to endure different abuse the deck, patio, or porch will encounter in its lifetime. That’s why we selected this paint on our list of best paint for plywood floor.

It dries to the touch in about an hour. Given enough time of 4-6 hours, you can recoat it to make sure that you are getting the most out of it. This will have an even coating on the surface you apply it on.

Another advantage of using this is that you can apply this paint using different methods. You can use a brush or even an airless sprayer.

Choose which one you’re most comfortable with and get the same results. That lends itself to make this the best paint for the plywood floor among the products here.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be applied to many types of surfaces
  • You can use different methods of applying
  • Protects the surface with a durable coat
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use

4. INSL-X CTS39229A-01 Tough Shield Floor and Patio Paint

Lounging in your patio or celebrating important occasions on it is a great way to bond with your family. But you have to make sure that this area is presentable whenever there’s a gathering.

You can do this by applying a great coat of paint to it that will make it look good and also protect it in the future.

This product is a water-based enamel that’s designed to be used and abused day in and day out. It has a nice formula that protects it from abrasion and scratches.

And it will also not be affected by cleaning agents like bleach or detergents.

Even if this is designed for exterior use, it can still be used for indoor use. It has an excellent wearing capacity that will protect and assure a great finish every time.

Only take note that when applying this coat, you will need to prepare the wood for the best results. Remove any rusted nails and sand it down so that the paint will adhere nicely on the surface.

Doing this will provide the best results for your porch or patio.

Highlighted Features

  • Weather and abrasion-proof
  • This can be applied to concrete, brick, or wood
  • Durable finish
  • Great for use indoors and outdoors

5. KILZ Paint for Plywood Floor | Plywood Shed Floor Paint

If you’ve had a porch being weathered and beaten up by weather for a long time, it is time for a little sprucing up.

This coating has great protection properties that will make it a great coat to revive an aging porch or patio.

It has a solid wood coating that coats the surface with a resin formula that provides a vivid output and a great finish every time.

Furthermore, it will be able to bridge cracks, seal scratches, and give old wood or concrete a new and uniform look.

You can brush, spray, or roll this on the surface, and you will have the same result. Make sure to give it ample time to set and dry for a great result.

This will usually take about 4-6 hours for recoating and 72 hours for full drying.

For best results, do take the time to prepare the surface with cleaning with either a brush or power washer to make sure that the paint will adhere effectively.

When applying this, you don’t need to worry a lot about cleaning up afterward because you can easily remove the paint with plain soap and water.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers great protection to the wood
  • Has a nice saturated color
  • Gives new life to old and weathered surfaces
  • Easy to clean up

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can you paint over dried paint?

Yes. But there are also some considerations to make. If you have the time and equipment, it is recommended to clean the surface first so that you can get the full benefit of the new paint.

2. Can I paint over old wood?

Yes. To get the best results, prepare the wood by cleaning it, and sanding it down. This way, the paint will adhere better and will yield a more pleasing result.

3. How do you prepare wood for painting?

This will include cleaning with a brush or power washer and sanding. Then you have to remove things like rusted nails on the surface.

4. How do you seal the wood?

There are various methods for this. Among the most popular ways is to use oil or paint especially made for sealing the wood.

5. Do I need to let the paint completely dry before the second coating?

If you’re applying a second layer of coating, then you will do well with just a dry touch. This will let the paint stick to the surface without peeling the first coating.

Final Words

Bringing new life to your wooden surfaces is a great weekend project. To get the most out of your effort, use the best paint for plywood floor you can find.

This way you will get the best result as well as protect the floor for years to come.