best screws for attaching cabinets together

Best Screws For Attaching Cabinets Together – Reviews For 2022

Installing a cabinet can be a big project, but it is relatively simple for most parts – nothing anyone reasonably handy should stress about.

There are many things that should be taken into consideration when venturing into a project like this, screws being one of them.

You need to make sure you have the perfect screws for your purpose, something that will not split or break the wood and hold the pieces together perfectly.

There are many different types and sizes of screws in the market, which can get rather confusing.

Worry not, because, in this article, I will walk you through the 5 best screws for attaching cabinets together. So let’s begin!

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K. Excellent Phillips Flat Head Wood Screws Kit,150 Pieces
Screws For Attaching Cabinets Together | T.K.Excellent Wood Screws Kit

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best screws for attaching cabinets together
Screws To Hang Cabinets | Philips Interior Wood Screw Kit

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Bolt Dropper Stainless Steel Oval Head Wood Screws, SS
Stainless Steel Screws For Attaching Cabinets Together

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Rustark Drywall Screw with Phillips Drive Black Oxide Finish
Rustark Drywall Screw with Phillips Drive Screws To Hang Cabinets

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best screws for attaching cabinets together
Angle Bracket 2020mm | Screws For Attaching Cabinets Together

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Best Screws for Attaching Cabinets Together Reviews

The screws on the following list are all wood screws, meaning they are made to be used with wood. So, they are not just good for cabinets, you may use them for any project involving wood. Let’s have a look at our top 5:

1. T.K.Excellent Phillips Flat Head Wood Screws Kit

Our first pick is a 150-piece kit that includes 6 different sizes of screws – all neatly packed in a plastic box. This set is made for woodworking jobs and requires drilled holes before using. It is also unbelievably affordable.

One thing users seemed to appreciate about this set is the variety it offers. This set can be very handy in various household needs. However, one user seemed to be a bit unsatisfied because,

except for the big one, the other screws are around the same size. Nevertheless, you do get a good variety, which is useful in case of confusion.

Keep in mind that these are soft screws & more suited for light-duty work, put too much pressure, and they might snap. The steel is not tough enough for heavy-duty work.

Another thing you have to be aware of is to pre-drill a hole first; the screws will not work otherwise.

Otherwise, you are in for an unpleasant surprise when these screws don’t work as you intended. For the price, this is a very handy set to have around at home.


  • A good assortment
  • Great for small household jobs
  • Made very well and will last long
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Really handy


  • Screws can be too sharp and may need filing
  • Soft screws, lightweight work only

2. Screws To Hang Cabinets | Philips Interior Wood Screw Kit

The second one on this list is also the largest, with 805 pieces in 8 different sizes. These pins have super sharp tips as well as shanks, which ensure easy application.

Low energy threads need less energy & time to drill in. The core is heavy duty and strong, so you can have heavy-duty usage with this.

Threads of these screws are universal and can be used with a variety of drills or screwdrivers.

Versatile sizing in the pack means these screws can be used with light or small as well as big or heavy-duty projects. The staying power is good too as they stay locked on for a long time.

Initially, the price may seem too much, but when you factor in the amount you are getting, it becomes a very good bargain.

Additionally, the drive bits needed for these screws are supplied too, but they are not a necessity when using these screws.

These characteristics make this self-starting screw set a very good one for beginners and amateurs.


  • Low energy threads
  • Heavy duty & sturdy
  • Universal; works with a good range of drives
  • Has a good variety
  • Great value for your bucks


  • The case has a sticker on top
  • The case is made of plastic and very prone to breakage

3. #6 x 1″ Stainless Oval Head Wood Screws (100pc) 18-8 (304)

Coming up third, this set comprises 100 pieces of 100% stainless steel screws with an oval head. The 100% stainless steel makes these screws highly corrosion resistant and long-lasting.

These screws are also promised to be not prone to stripping as they are equipped with deep cut Philips Drive.

Threads on this screw are coarse and thick, giving your cabinet a perfect hold & sturdiness. They are also quite strong and do not break easily.

This particular size (6 x ¾”) is pretty tough to find, and these screws are perfect when the job calls for them.

One issue some users faced was that sometimes, the slotted head would strip before you have a chance to screw it all the way in; despite having the Philips slot.

But it is a rare occurrence, and most users did not face this issue. Best of all, you even get extra screws sometimes.

Do not put pressure on these screws when screwing in because they sometimes bend if there is too much pressure. The bite on these screws is strong, so these will hold your cabinet well.

Remember, when using stainless steel screws, you should always pre-drill first and screw in slowly. Follow this, and you will not face any issues regarding them being soft or bending.

Undoubtedly, these screws are the best screws for attaching cabinets together, or any other woodworking jobs if you needed.


  • High corrosion resistance
  • Hard-to-find size
  • Sturdy; does not break
  • Good price for stainless screws


  • No variety; just one size
  • Slot in the head may strip slightly

4. Screws To Hang Cabinets | Rustark Drywall Screw with Phillips Drive

Up next in our list is a hefty 160 piece set with 8 different commonly used sizes. Threads on these screws are coarse with a pointed sharp tip to ensure a smoother screw & better grip.

The pins are made of top-quality black carbon steel, giving you durability as well as sturdiness.

Versatility and durableness of these screws are very well acclaimed among the users. The manufacturer did a really good job choosing the different sizes; the pins come in really handy for a variety of projects.

Surprisingly, the major complaint users have about this set is not about the pins themselves; rather about the box that comes with.

Though not frequent, it does break sometimes, and the screws get mixed up. This is another hassle because then you have to spend time separating all the pins from each other.

It is recommended to keep the pins in your own separate containers after you receive them to avoid this issue altogether.

However, this one problem is a very little issue, and the pins themselves are more than worth it, so definitely keep them in mind when shopping.

Rustark pins, overall, get an A-plus in all categories and a frontrunner for use in cabinets.


  • Versatile; with a good variety of options
  • The customer service is satisfactory
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Well-made and should serve you for a long time


  • The container is prone to breakage

5. 100pcs #8 x 5/8″ Phillips Modified Truss Head Wood Screws

Made of premium quality stainless steel, Angle bracket screws are screws you can depend on. These have everything you could want in screws – anti-rust, strong,

long-lasting, can hold up against weathers, and more. To prevent stripping, the screws have an extra deep Philips Drive cut.

The “L” brackets on these screws are solid and strong, giving you very heavy-duty usage. They are also pre-drilled and meant to be used with flat top screws,

which is great if you prefer flat tops rather than protruded out heads.

One complaint customers had was that each of the screws is individually wrapped in plastic; getting which off is a tedious and time-consuming process, which can take as long as two hours.

But the wrap can actually be a good idea if you plan to keep the unused screws for a long time, so I have no complaints about this.

And the strength of these screws makes them perfect to use with cabinets because they are very capable of heavy-duty job.

But they are not only good for just that; they can pretty much be used for any woodworking project.


  • Very strong for the size; does not bend
  • Flat tops; can easily be concealed
  • Comes with good brackets
  • Good value compared to other similar products


  • Edges might be sharp; may need filing
  • Getting the protective wrap off of each screw is time-consuming

 Things to Consider Before Buying Screws for Attaching Cabinets Together

When you are getting screws, there are many things you should be keeping in mind. In this section, I will briefly explain some of them.

Screw Head Styles

Some screws come with decorative heads; those are meant for projects where the screws will be exposed after installation. Two types of screw heads are flat top and rounded top.

Rounded tops may protrude a little bit after use while flat tops will not. Flat tops are usually meant to be concealed while rounded ones aren’t.

Besides flat and rounded, there are more styles – oval, square, fillister, etcetera. Oval headed ones are a mix of flat and rounded ones – part of it lies under the surface with a slight protruding.

The fillister ones have a shoulder and a round top. And the screw is raised above the surface because of the shoulder, which prevents scratching.

What style you should choose comes down to preference and what you want from the screws.

Screw Head Types

Apart from the styles mentioned above, wood screws also come in different types based on the type of screwdriver holes they have – slothead, Philips head,

Robertson or square drive, hex head, countersunk head, and star head, etcetera. Check online resources to find the one best suited for your cabinets.

Length & Diameter

Wood screws come in all different sizes, starting from 1/4th of an inch up to 8 inches. What size you need will depend on your specific cabinet or other projects.

Usually, the manual will tell which size is needed. If that is not available, your best bet is to get a set that contains various sizes of screws and see which one fits the best.

Special lengths can also be custom ordered; needless to say, that will cost more.


It is very crucial to consider the environment your screws will be exposed to. Are they going to be exposed to an outdoor environment,

saltwater environment, or perhaps chemicals that are potentially corrosive? The coating or material of your ideal screw will depend on this.

Usually, stainless steel screw with no magnetism is the best for outdoors and anti-corrosion.


Especially when it comes to wood screws, the threads are very important because the screws need to be able to grip & hold the wood well.

Generally, wood screws are threaded either partially or fully. Get screws with coarse threads and a sharp tip for the best performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the best screws for attaching cabinets:

1. Are nails better for cabinets, or screws?

Neither. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. Decide on what you will use depending on your specific needs.

2. Can I recycle screws?

You may reuse your old screws provided that the drive recess and threading are undamaged & they are not rusty.

3. What does the measurement of the screws mean? How are they measured?

They are measured by their diameter and length by thread pitch. When you see a measurement (for example, 6” x 3/4”), you are essentially seeing their length and diameter.

4. Why am I getting split woods from my screws? How do I prevent them?

When you put too much pressure when screwing them, screws may split the wood. To prevent this from happening, always pre-drill a hole before screwing in whether the manufacturer asks for it or not.

5. Will the screws rust?

It depends on the material the screws are made of or the coating on them. Stainless steel screws usually do not rust, while cheaper metals such as irons do.

Also, screws are more prone to rusting if the coating on them is damaged.

6. I am unsure about the screw size needed for my cabinets. What do I do?

Get a set of different sized screws, like the T. K., Philips, or Rustark ones from the list. Then you can do trial and error to see which one is the best suited.

Final Words

Frankly, all of the screws on our list are excellent at their jobs. Depending on the amount you want, I would suggest getting either one of the Angle Bracket,

Rustark, or Philips because those are the best ones out of the list. Each of them provides the best screws for attaching cabinets together.

If you want to purchase a lot in bulk for great value, then get the Philips. Need strength and durability? Go for the Bolt Dropper or the Angle Bracket ones.

That’s all, folks! I hope this was helpful to you. Cheers!