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Best Step Drill Bit in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

As we all know, this is an era of Modern Science. Tremendous technical advancement is making our day to day life much easier. We all are very familiar with a machine named Step Drill Bit. It is a tool of creating holes in metal, wood or walls. As it is not that much great in size, it’s pretty handy. Because of its extremely high demand, various companies have launched different types of Step Drill Bits in the market.

Throughout this review, we will come to know about Best step drill bit which are very fond of our customers. Some of them are really impressed with their features, structures as well as performance. We hope you will be benefited from our report in terms of buying this particular tool for your work.

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Best step drill bit
Titanium Step Drill Bit

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CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case
5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit

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Best step drill bit
Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, High-Speed Steel

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Hyclate 5 Pcs Titanium Step Drill
Hyclate 5 Pcs Titanium Step Drill

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Neiko 10197A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, High-Speed Steel | 5-Piece Set | Total 50 Sizes
Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, 5-Piece Set

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Our Top 5 Best Step Drill Bit Reviews

1. Titanium Step Drill Bit

This is a type of bit in which you can put your trust because they hardly make a compromise with their build-up quality. This gorgeous looking tool is made up of titanium coating over it. It is usually build up in two-flute design which results in faster as well as smoother drilling experience than usual.

It will give you the experience of making 13 different hole size with only one bit. Because of its titanium coating, it emphasizes too much strength to remain clean and very much accurate in terms of toughest materials also.

Another function which claims it’s superiority is rock solid durability which is six-time longer than a high- speed steel.

As we know, rough contact between two metals produces extreme heat which may cause a hazard for both the instrument. Keeping the situation in mind, titanium coating has been used on it because it will prevent the excessive heat on the contact point. Its unique build-up structure will help you to drill and cut through steel, metal sheets and other things with only a small amount of pressure.

In terms of its strength, it will be preferably adorable for its solid structure which is made up of super-strong HSS steel and is titanium nitride coated for added durability. The structure prevents it against breaking down quickly in a longer period of working time.

It is very popular for its amazing versatility which comes in from its unique design. As you can drill new holes as well as to enlarge existing one without having to change the bit, results in it will bring the higher efficiency as well as save your time though it’s versatile quality.

It can be used in drilling steel sheets, woods, plastics, PVC, stainless steels, aluminium, cast iron etc.

Key Features

  • Brings worth of money
  • Durability
  • Longevity
  • Versatility

2. CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set with Aluminum Case

This is another kind of Step Drill Bit which is also very popular among users for it’s used. It is build up with cobalt high-speed steels which are very tough in nature. It is also associated with the titanium coating, which enables higher durability. As you know, the electroplated coating offers the metals to remain to look new and shiny for a long period of time; this bit will exactly follow the same criteria.

The bit is also used for making different hole sizes as there are 5 different sizes of bits remain together.

So they can make you drill multiple sizes with them. Different kinds of shanks will give you multiple experiences in drilling but won’t be worse at any point.

The bits are made up with a design to offer you extremely high sped drilling which will impress you in every possible way. And it is being coated with titanium all over them. You can be assured of using them for a long time without having a fear of damages. Their tough structure will prevent them from damaging tendency.

These types of bits are usually in perfect shapes which you will find very much handy in terms of doing your day to day jobs. It will be needed in most of your works for sure. From using in household chores to do any professional project, these bits are absolutely fit with that. The fast drilling with extreme smoothness will give you a pleasant experience.

These step drill bits usually remain in the well-organized case which ensures easier transport as well as storage.

Key Features

  • Accuracy in Drilling
  • The best worth of money ensured
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Long term Longevity
  • Wide range of versatility

3. Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, High-Speed Steel | 3- Piece Set | Total 28 Size

This is a type of Step drill bit which is also titanium coated. It is an automatic type of bit which has the ability of centre punching. This will provide you real hangover on the drilling point rather than just slipping away.

Its sharp point on the head will make you feel comfortable to drill than it looks like. It has a built-in structure with high- speed steel, which gives it extreme durability. Moreover, titanium coating has been all over it.

These coating successfully prevents extreme heating while drilling and protect your tool from being getting damaged so quickly.

Because of the non-slipping tendency, it’s the efficiency of getting into the hole through drilling. It is excellent. It has a unique double flute design which means it will give you a smoother cutting experience through materials.

The most thrilling characteristics that this bit has is 135-degree split point tip which is in the best use of drilling the instruments like aluminium, copper, plastic, stainless steel etc. But I would recon you to use it for plastic as well as wooden particles and thin metal sheets to have the best overcome. That’s why we selected this drill bit in our list of the best Step drill bit.

Its two-flute design helps to move the chip really fast, and on the other hand, three flatted shank moves it to fit into the power tools accurately. In terms of cutting metal sheets through these bits, you should use cutting oil or at least WD- 40 on it.

Key Features

  • Higher margin of accuracy
  • Amazingly sharp design
  • Long term durability
  • Wide ranges of size introduction
  • Extremely outrageous versatility

4. Hyclate 5 Pcs Titanium Step Drill

Sometimes we need tools which can drill in extremely solid foundations. I am now going to introduce you with such kind of bits consists of strength which is completely out of the box. It can easily drill into the heavy material. To do that it’s built up design helps it quite along. It is build up with high- speed steel with titanium coating on it. It contains a Structure which will guarantee you long durability to last as well as the capability to work smoothly as ever.

Its titanium coating will reduce excessive heats as well as keep it shiny as long as possible.

It has a unique design which will introduce you with double cutting blades. These blades will ensure you a smoother cutting preventing excessive Vibration in drilling and without pressing hard in heavy metals as well.

Like others, it also has three-sided shanks which provide accurate fitting on power Tools as well as ensure fixes chucking point without any slipping Tendency. It can cut through woods, steel sheets and other structures quite easier than you think.

It provides you with higher speed in drilling, which is meant to be saving the wastage of time, which gives extra efficiency. It has been used wildly, and this operation needs comparatively less workforce. Its 118-degree sleep point design will continuously help the bit to be in exact.

The versatile uses of this bit make it more adorable as it can be used in making chamfer, also can be used in making holes or enlarging the existing holes in aluminum alloy, stainless steel sheets, plastic, woods, etc.

Key Features

  • Unique X Blade Design
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Easier working Experience
  • High Amount of Versatility
  • Wild Range of Drilling Sizes

5. Neiko 10197A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set, High-Speed Steel | 5-Piece Set | Total 50 Sizes

This is an amazing kind of Step Drill Bit which has been launched in the market. Like other bits of the series, it has a compact structure as well. It is also made of high-speed steel which gives it enough strength to cut and drill through the metals easily. It is also covered with titanium coating all over it. This coating protects it from corrosion as well as damage from extreme heat.

It’s three flatted shank provides easy fitting on power tools which also give strength in drilling so that you don’t have to imply excessive pressure to make the job done.

It’s unique design criteria makes it more capable of working faster than others as well as smoother drilling capacity can also be introduced by this type of bits.

It is quite durable for its rock-solid structure. So it can be assured that you won’t have to think to change the bits very often because of damage. Its titanium coating will also help it to look new and shiny for years.

You can use one bit in making several holes because it has been designed to do so. It will save both your time and energy by reducing frequent changing discomfort. It offers a huge range of sizes in drilling.

Key Features

  • High-Speed Drilling Capacity
  • Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Long Term Durability with Titanium
  • Unique Design Providing Versatility
  • Huge Range of Sizes

Things to consider before buying a step drill bit

A drill bit is a tiny tool to work with. Almost all the bits available in the market are quite similar and close to nature. So it is often very confusing to choose the appropriate one for your job. In that case, if you go through the specific features attentively and understand the product clearly, your chance will increase to choose the right one. Let’s talk about some points which you have to consider before buying a step drill bit.


The coating is a kind of cover done by electroplating on bits. Mostly titanium coating is being widely used in this case. An aluminium coating is also being used. Coating plays a vital role in the performance and life of the bits. The coating prevents the bits from being extremely heated, which is very normal between the contact of two materials. It provides a long time damage free working experience. The coating also protects the bits from corrosion. It provides cleanness from dust and keeps the drills to look newer and shiny. It also helps to make smooth penetration into the metals through cutting and drilling. So, before purchasing, you have to be aware of whether it is well coated or not.


It is probably the main characteristics that you have to consider before buying a bit. As you are buying the bits to cut heavy metals or steel sheets, so the structure of your bit has to be rock solid. Otherwise, it will be great trouble for you to accomplish the task with the bit. Weak material construction will give less strength to the bit, and as a result, it will lose its potential durability. Even it can be damaged in its very first penetration. So you have to come with a solid construction of metals with high-speed steels. This structure made a bit stronger and sturdy.


It is a quality of having several options in one platform. Nowadays, tools have to offer a long-range of versatility because it will increase your efficiency as well as decrease discomfort in work. So in terms of buying bits, you have to check out the versatility range in it. Whether it is offering you a long range of drilling sizes capacity or whether you will be able to drill different sizes with one bit only without changing it now and then, the highly versatile bit will save your energy, time and money. If you don’t find these in one, jump into another without wasting time.


It is one of the crucial criteria which you can’t just ignore in buying a bit. You have to decide which type of drilling you are going to do. Then according to that, you will have to choose your bit design. Usually, a double flute design makes a bit more pointy and sharp as well as prevent slipping during drilling. Moreover, this design will provide you smoother penetration on the heavy metals which will save your energy and time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can This Be Used To Remove Burring From EMT Conduit?

Actually, it’s uses are more appropriate in cutting and drilling metals. You can try wire brushes for the solution.

2. How Good Is The Quality?

I have been using this for quite a long time in metal alloys, stainless steels, plastic as wee. Till now the performance has been praiseworthy.

3. Will This Drill A Cone Shaped Hole In Wood?

Not actually. The hole shape basically depends upon the shape of the bit you are using. The bit cones are designed conveniently to make smooth drilling in woods as well as metals.

4. What Is The Depth Of The Each Increment?

It also depends upon the bit size and design. The larger the diameter of the bit, the deeper the hole would be. There are numerous types of sizes available for you to accomplish your task. Choose skinny bits if you want to drill tiny holes.

5. Will This Work For Drilling Exhaust Downpipes I Need To Drill A Hole For My 02 Sensor Bung?

I can assure you that it will work certainly. I have already done such kind of heavy metal drilling, and it is absolutely ok with that.

Final Words

Finally, That’s all for our reviews and guideline to choose an appropriate as well as the best step drill bit. We have discussed some of the very popular and best quality products for your ease. We have researched through them quite deep, and we hope you will be benefited enough if you go through our report before buying them.