How To Get Personalized License Plates

How To Get Personalized License Plates – Ultimate Guide

Humorous people never miss a chance to make surrounding people happy. Even the people who are stuck in the traffic. Yes! You can make it happens by putting on a fancy personalized license plate.

Besides, personalized license plates are the best way to promoting your cause. That’s why people are using the opportunity nowadays.

If you are from the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand, you have the privilege.

Indeed, the main purpose of the licensed plate is to contribute to the country’s economy. So, if you want to promote your cause alongside contributing to the economy,

the first thing you need to know how to get personalized license plates.

In this article, you will find all the information about getting a personalized plate. Let’s dive into them.

How To Get Personalized License Plates

These days the personalized plates or vanity license plates is available on amazon. However, you must know about the state rules and regulations before having a license plate. The things you need to know about personalized license plates are the following:


First, you must confirm the validity of using the personalized plates of your state or county. If you have access to use the license plate, follow the regulation of your country’s road transport authority.

Things you may need

  • Application form of a vanity plate
  • Vehicle registration card
  • Fee for the license plate
  • Other fees


Those who own a vehicle such as a car, bus, truck, and so on, they can apply for the personalized license plate.

Motorcycle plates are not available in some states. Your eligibility would be according to your state rules.

Design and Pattern of the plates

All the license plates have come with their design and unique Pattern. It has made with the combination of letter, number, or both.

If you choose the environmental license plate, then it may come without design.

Needed Document & Application Fill-up

First, you need the vehicle registration card. Then collect a personalized license plate application form. After filling the application,

you can mail the registration form to your transport authority with the application fees.


The personalized license plate will be available between 8-12 weeks of being order the plates. You will get a mail from the authority.

You must apply for license 60 days ahead of the expiring of your vehicle’s registration.

If your licenses expire within 30 days of application, then first, you need to renew the vehicle’s registration and get the plates.

Check the Legality of your Desire Content

You can check the legality of your desire content on the authority’s website. Since they have all the right to refuse the confirmation that you have applied for.

Suppose the content has any bad combination of letter, number, or any offensive connotation. In that case, it goes beyond DMV regulations, and immediately, the authority will reject it.

So, you check the content validity on the online before application.

Transfer Procedures

Suppose you are going to sell your vehicle and keep your personalized plates to you. Then you must remove them before handover the vehicles.

You have to pay for this personalized license plate annually. After transferring the registration to the new owner, he will get a new license plate.

Reassign for Another Vehicle

If you reassign your personalized plate for other vehicles or keep it for future use, then fill the registration form again and mention the reassignment.

This registration fee will be mentioned in the registration form. If you fail to submit an annual fee, then the license will be seized from you.


If you lost or stolen the licensed plate, then you have to reapply for a new. So, fill the same registration form again and pay the fees also.

While applying for a replacement plate, you have chosen the new configuration for the new plate. Chances are low to get the previous configuration again.

Final Words

These days, having a personalized license plate becomes a trend in the USA or Canada because the availability and application procedures are simple. So, follow the right application process to avoid application hassle.

I hope you are about to get your favorite licensed plate as you have already known how to get personalized license plates.