difference between vanity and personalized plates

Difference Between Vanity And Personalized Plates

Who doesn’t want to share their unique personality with the people? This is even possible when you are driving or stuck in traffic. A custom licensed plate gives you the privilege to make your own plates.

While using personalized license plates, you can serve two purposes simultaneously. First, you can promote your personal motto through the vanity plates.

Plus, it is the best way to contribute to the country’s economy.

Before getting a customized plate, you must determine which should be suitable for you.

So, you should get the exact information after knowing the distinction between vanity vs personalized plate.

Therefore, we have designed the article to let you know the basic difference between these two customized license plates.

Vanity vs Personalized Plate

There is no obvious distinction between these two vanity and personalized plate in terms of their definition.

In North America, people are considering these two license plates as a customized plate. That means both are the same and interchangeable in this regard.

There are some other terms for calling vanity plates or personalized plates in the USA or Canada. For example, prestige plates, private number plates, and cherished plates are common in North America as well.

In Australia, New Zealand, or the UK, these licensed plates are known as custom plates or personalized license plates.

Despite the same terminology, the design and pattern of the custom plate can be varying from one country to another country.

Major Difference

Thought the vanity plate and personalized plates are the same. It can be different from one state to another state in the USA.

The configuration or the content of the personalized plates depends on the department of motor vehicles of each department.

The main distinction between the two plates are the following:

  • A vanity plate contains 1-7 letters or maximum 3 numbers only.
  • A personalized plate contains both numbers and letters up to 8 characters.

Each state in the USA has their different policy about issuing personalized plates. That’s why you will see a lot of variety in the vanity plates among the states.

Each state determines its design and character limitation of the vanity plates. Though you can customize or choose the content of the plate, the approval of the configuration of the plate depends on the DMV.

For example, suppose the character is not valid in a particular state or contain any vulgarity or indicate indecency. In that case, you will not get the approval for this configuration on your vanity plates.

Registration Process

Though the customized plate can be identified in many different names, the fundamental application process is the same.

For example, while you will apply for a vanity plate, you must follow the rules and regulations of the department of motor vehicles.

First, you need the vehicle’s registration paper, then fill-up the form according to the registration card. The application fee will be mentioned on the form. However, the fees won’t’ be the same in all states.

The DMV recommends to the owner that they should apply for personalized plates 60 days prior to expiring the vehicle’s registration.

Suppose you have applied for plates 30 days ahead of expiring your registration, then you have renewed the vehicle’s registration first. Afterward, you will be noticed and ask for proceeding the vanity plate registration.

Design and Pattern

Since the vanity plate allows you to choose the plate’s configuration during the application, you can choose the characters as you wish.

Likewise, when it comes to choosing the design and pattern of the plate, you can choose your own.

The motor vehicle’s authority offers a variety of designs of personalized plates. In fact, there are a lot of categories to choose the design of the plate.

For example, if you promote conservation, then you will find a particular plate. And for environmental or educational contributions, you will have such a design-based plate.

The design and pattern of the vanity plates may vary from state to state. In fact, every state has its own pattern for the licensed plates.

Final Words

In whichever way you can call the custom licensed plate, you can call it. But the most common form is either a vanity plate or a personalized plate.

Now you have a clear understating of these two plates as you have seen the difference between vanity and personalized plates.